Shipping FAQ

Q: I have placed my order. What next?
A: Relax and wait for our emails

Once your order is confirmed, you will be notified for the following:

  1. Information Received: We have received your Shipping Details and Process of packaging has started at the warehouse close to you (Within 24 Hours)
  2. In Transit: Product Shipped from warehouse (Within 72-96 Hours)
  3. Out For Delivery: Product Shipped to Destination country

Send us a message via our contact page should you have any questions


Q: What is the estimated delivery time?
A:  The estimated delivery time is calculated in business days which exclude Sundays and holidays. We ship out from multiple international warehouses.  It depends on the location and product.

In rare cases, the actual delivery time may vary from the mentioned delivery time due to:

  1. Your Location
  2. Availability of the product with us / Current Stock
  3. Or some unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather

In such cases we will keep you informed of any problems that may arise


Q: Does my estimated delivery time depend on my location?
A: Yep, because we offer FREE shipping to 185 countries

United States:

Depending on the warehouse and current stock, it usually takes 12-24 Business Days, until you’ll receive your order.

For all other countries:

You should expect to add an extra 5-7 days on top of this for your order to arrive